Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Everything In Past Tense


some tech info not included on the JB site:

Nate Gelinas- drums (all tracks except 9 & 10)
Kyle Marchand- guitar (tracks 1-8, 11)
Jim Meloche- vocals (all tracks). harmonica on a few
Ryan Ward- bass (tracks 4-8, 11). additional vocals

Jeff Zorzit- guitar (tracks 9, 10, 12-15)
John Temporal- bass (1-3, 12-15)
Jason Whitney - bass (track 9)
Glenn Barrington- drums (track 9)
Stuart McKillop- additional vocals (track 8)

Tracks 1-3: Ian Blurton & Jay Sadlowski @ Chemical Sound, Nov 2006.
Mastered by Bart Williams.
Tracks- 4-7: Adam Michalczuk @ Sturgeon Studios, Jan & April 2008.
Track 8: Stuart McKillop @ the Hive, July 2008.
Tracks 9-10: Adam Labadie @ Technicolor, May 2010.
Track 11: James O-L and Boh Pidskalny @ an abandoned brewery, June 2010.
Tracks 12-15: Jeff Zorzit @ 1202 Gladstone, early 2006.

Collection tech wizard: Adam Labadie.
Artwork by Jono Hunter.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 2010

Good day blog reading dinks of the internet. Haven’t posted in a while, been busy living in the real world. Last few months have been fun, you may have seen us play in your town. Despite hating touring in the winter (because of the whole death thing) we’ve been on the road quite a bit. A fun little run with lovers in Whiskey Trench up into their chilly province and Ottawa. Neither we, nor the van died, so it was a success. We also played three shows with UK legends Leatherface and charming French nice guys Yesterdays Ring. Again, great bands and no snow covered graves so we win again. There was also that sold out hometown rager back in January with Chuck Ragan and Tim Barry that left us all warm and fuzzy inside. Needless to say, the last few months have left us quite happy. But we’ve dropped enough names, on to business…

There is some gorgeous vinyl on the way in two short weeks. Our self titled debut full length will be available on LP by mid March 2010. The test presses have been approved and its only a matter of time. Alex over at Art of the Underground has set up a pre order option, so if you want to get a hold of the limited red pressing, pre order HERE. We’re starting to slowly assemble a ‘collection vol.1’ type thing of all our pre-LP 7”s and demos. It will (eventually) be available digitally from Juicebox, but we haven’t made any decisions about physical formats just yet. More info soon.

We’ll also continue our long running behavior of playing Toronto more than Windsor with our next show, depicted above. Stay tuned for spring / summer touring plans.